Taxonomists Improving Data Science Effectiveness

Tuesday Sessions – Tuesday 15 November 12:00 – 12:30 Taxonomists can play a variety of roles, and XO Group collocates taxonomists and data scientists within the same team so that both the human and machine elements of classification work side-by-side. This discussion delves into why taxonomists and data scientists should work together and how taxonomies can … Continue reading Taxonomists Improving Data Science Effectiveness

Carroll, Suzanne

Suzanne CarrollProduct Manager – Data and TaxonomyXO Group (The Knot) LinkedIn | Twitter Suzanne Carroll leads product design for The Knot’s data science and taxonomy teams. As the company’s first taxonomist, Suzanne introduced taxonomy driven content publishing to and led all user-facing products through designing and implmenting a centralized taxonomy. In addition, she leads … Continue reading Carroll, Suzanne