Enterprise Search & Discovery 2016 Speaker List

Martin Baumgartel Bryan Bell Robert L Bogue Gloria Burke Filip Callewaert Dave Clarke Paul Cleverley Shane Connelly David Copps Giancarlo Crocetti Ed Dale Daniel Diefendorf Bob DuCharme Laurent Fanichet Jeff Fried John Herzer Grant Ingersol Erik Johannessen Miles Kehoe Kamran Khan Sebastian Klatt Benjamin Klatt Patrick Lambe Ahren E Lehnert Jay Liebowitz Jean-Claude Monney Paul … Continue reading Enterprise Search & Discovery 2016 Speaker List

Avoiding Information Silos

Thursday Sessions – Thursday 17 November 14:00 – 14:45 It’s the bane of the enterprise search manager’s life: information in silos that make content undiscoverable. Ahren Lehnert details the information capture and retrieval ecosystem at Clorox, including content management, taxonomies, and search functionality. The move from multiple search engines to single search contains many “lessons learned.” … Continue reading Avoiding Information Silos

Cleverley, Paul

Paul CleverleyResearcherRobert Gordon University Blog | Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | Google+ Paul is a geoscientist by background, with over 25 years experience in the upstream oil and gas industry. He has worked on several global data, information, knowledge management and Enterprise Search initiatives. He is currently researching for a Doctorate on Enterprise Search … Continue reading Cleverley, Paul