SharePoint for Knowledge Management? Absolutely!

Track 4: SharePoint Business Strategies – Thursday 9 November 15:00 – 15:45 This session explains how the need for a fully functioning knowledgebase that could be deployed to departments without the budget for licensing of existing or new products led to the successful development of a knowledge centered services (KCS)-compliant knowledgebase using SharePoint 2013. Using page … Continue reading SharePoint for Knowledge Management? Absolutely!

Schneider, Kyle

Kyle SchneiderKnowledge ManagerEnterprise Knowledge ManagementUniversity of Phoenix LinkedIn With 15 years of experience in IT, Kyle has been in many roles supporting, administrating, and developing SharePoint professionally since his first deployment back in 2006. Historically Kyle has worked as an IT resource within business units of the companies & organizations he has been a part … Continue reading Schneider, Kyle