Creating & Managing Taxonomies With Limited Staff

TRACK 1 • Getting Started: Taxonomy Nuts & Bolts – Monday 14 November 16:15 – 17:00 How do you create and maintain a taxonomy or thesaurus with limited staff? Challenges to getting a thesaurus created are discussed as well as how it is maintained after creation. Hear about how to train other staff, how to be … Continue reading Creating & Managing Taxonomies With Limited Staff

Edwards, Edee

Edee EdwardsTaxonomy and Metadata LibrarianNational Fire Protection Association Edee L. Edwards received her Master of Science in Library Service at Columbia University and has spent her career in and on the fringes of science, technology, and biomedical libraries.  From reference work to electronic resources purchasing to web project management, she’s now spent 10 years with … Continue reading Edwards, Edee