Effective Taxonomies after Migrations & Redesigns

TRACK 2 • Honing the Craft – Monday 14 November 13:00 – 13:30 Taxonomies are an essential component of most digital migrations and redesigns, but the end result often does not meet expectations. Learn how migrations can be orchestrated to more effectively leverage taxonomy. Hobbs draws upon experience from planning transformations of large government and global … Continue reading Effective Taxonomies after Migrations & Redesigns

Hobbs, David

David HobbsEarly Digital StrategistDavid Hobbs Consulting LinkedIn | Twitter | Blog David helps organizations focus their websites. Clients include the Centers for Disease Control, the Center for Global Development, Heritage Foundation, Jackson Lab, the Library of Congress, Marriott International, the MBC Group, Realtree Outdoors, Thomson Reuters, and the World Bank. David is also the author … Continue reading Hobbs, David