Enterprise Search & Discovery 2016 Speaker List

Martin Baumgartel Bryan Bell Robert L Bogue Gloria Burke Filip Callewaert Dave Clarke Paul Cleverley Shane Connelly David Copps Giancarlo Crocetti Ed Dale Daniel Diefendorf Bob DuCharme Laurent Fanichet Jeff Fried John Herzer Grant Ingersol Erik Johannessen Miles Kehoe Kamran Khan Sebastian Klatt Benjamin Klatt Patrick Lambe Ahren E Lehnert Jay Liebowitz Jean-Claude Monney Paul … Continue reading Enterprise Search & Discovery 2016 Speaker List

Klatt, Benjamin

Benjamin KlattSenior ConsultantRaytion GmbH Benjamin Klatt is working in the field of Enterprise Search, process analysis and system architecture for more than 15 years. He is consulting clients in designing systems for solving use cases and driving innovation. In addition to search-based application, he is addicted to the field of business models and technology-driven innovation. … Continue reading Klatt, Benjamin