Making Search Optimization Effective, Repeatable, and Scalable

Tuesday Sessions – Tuesday 7 November 
11:45 – 12:30

Deloitte has established a virtual Search Optimization Center team to tackle the hard problems of findability inside the enterprise. Romero shows the success of a site health report as applied to Deloittes intranets. He shares the evolution of Deloittes ability to identify tangible, precise, and impactful problems and focuses on the ever-evolving tools and techniques and advanced analytics used to identify problem areas proactively. But wait, theres more. Technology is only one element; education of content managers has also been a success story. Kamran Khan, CEO of Search Technologies, now part of Accenture Analytics, discusses the convergence of search and big data analytics to extract knowledge and business value.

Presented by: Lee Romero, Kamran Khan