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A105: Hacking “Need to Know”: Accelerating Cultural Change

TRACK A • KM Strategies & Practices: People – Tuesday 15 November 
16:15 – 17:00

Hear how several organizations accelerate and shift culture change. The HP Software Services KM Program leverages its organization’s award-winning change practices to facilitate a robust KM organization that is able to rapidly respond to increasingly challenging business needs. Cross-functional, self-organizing teams are leveraged to crowdsource content harvesting, content improvement, and promotion of reuse on a continual basis. Raytheon speakers describe how the aerospace industry’s approach to achieving the balance between codification and personalization KM strategies, “Need to Share,” represents a significant strategic shift in KM strategy for both the aerospace industry and the U.S. government, which is consistent with the efficiency gains demanded by customers. These insights are widely applicable and demonstrate a balance can be achieved between business speed, value, and risk by focusing on formal, compiled product knowledge.

Presented by: Tanja Rimbach, Vijayanandam V M, Kevin Lynch, Randall Ramsey

Linked Open Data

Tuesday Sessions – Tuesday 15 November 
16:15 – 17:00

Adopting and reusing Linked Open Data taxonomies and name authorities can substantially compress enterprise taxonomy development timelines and reduce project costs. As gateways to additional content resources Linked Open Data vocabularies can also help an organization to enrich their internal content. Get a look at practical examples of publicly available Linked Open Data resources and see how this data can be accessed, stored and integrated with an enterprise’s existing taxonomies and content. Bring your burning Linked Open Data questions for our active Q&A discussion.

Presented by: Dave Clarke, Gene Loh

C105: Collaborative Techniques & Improving Knowledge Flows

TRACK C • Social Collaboration – Tuesday 15 November 
16:15 – 17:00

KM can be described as a discipline that intends to improve the capability of an organization to resolve challenges, evolve to meet the requirements of the dynamic business environment, and survive the changes that are disruptive, such as employee turnover. Team coordination is an integral aspect, especially now that people can communicate directly without using intermediaries such as team leaders and management. Hear how several organizations are using collaborative techniques to improve their knowledge flows. A division of ADP shares how the implementation of ADPworks, a Jive community designed to help associates across the company collaborate more effectively, was slow in adoption until they initiated Jive Jam Sessions. Hear about the results. Pathak discusses how Cisco busted through silos and delivers a converged experience across their stakeholder ecosystem through its new digital transformation. She shares their digital framework and architecture and illustrates it’s use by employees, partners, customers and prospects. TEC shares how the implementation of KM facilitates TEC to be more effective in bringing together the required proficiency and knowledge demand.

Presented by: William Cook, Nichol Vanover, Rujul Pathak, Maryam Alserkal

Search Trends in the Retail Environment

Tuesday Sessions – Tuesday 15 November 
16:15 – 17:00

Enterprise search is not restricted to internal operations; its imperative to have robust search for ecommerce and in-store experiences. If customers cant find what they want to buy quickly and painlessly, they will move on to a competitors site or give up entirely. Hear some hints on how to maximize search in the retail environment, including visual search and a Verizon search by example use case. Benjamin Klatt presents Raytion’s shorter path to success, integrating use case-driven applications, analyzing current processes, and designing an effort-reducing integration. Two inspiring presentations based on practical examples!

Presented by: Martin Baumgartel, Benjamin Klatt

B105: Digital Workspace Showcase

TRACK B • Digital Workspace of the Future – Tuesday 15 November 
16:15 – 17:00

This panel represents organizations who are using digital tools to change their workplaces and workspaces. MSKCC discusses using social media and collaborative tools like MediaWiki to break down silos, improve knowledge flows, and engage and empower staff to shift their culture to sharing and learning. Mitre shares the evolutions of tools supporting their KM strategy: Spaces and the tools within them must aid in the creation of new knowledge, support knowledge building around MITRE and its partners, and afford remote participants the same experience as participants in the room. From fully-writable wall surfaces to writable table tops, the space urges free-form thinking and ideation while leveraging spatial memory within the physical space. With the push of a button, whiteboards can be captured and digitally stored in a knowledge repository such as SharePoint and easily recalled by the creators. Young talks about Facebook at Work, the new enterprise product, and how organizations are harnessing it’s power.

Presented by: Kelly Titus, Alex Tanchoco, Lorin DeBellis, Kristy Markin, Carrie Young

Networking Reception

Networking Reception – Tuesday 15 November 
17:00 – 18:00

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