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Taxonomy Workshop: Building Taxonomies in the Wild

Track 1: Taxonomy Foundations – Monday 6 November 
10:15 – 12:00

This interactive session covers the essential role that taxonomies play in supporting search, navigation, content management, and knowledge management processes for both internally and externally focused enterprise taxonomy projects. Participants gain an understanding of taxonomies, their roles in supporting organizational business goals, and the process for designing and building them to meet a wide range of needs. In particular, participants get an understanding of the breadth of inputs needed to design durable and sustainable taxonomies.

Presented by: Gary Carlson

Validation Techniques to Enhance Usability

Track 1: Taxonomy Foundations – Monday 6 November 
13:00 – 13:30

To ensure maximum success and value of the taxonomy for the organization, it is essential to hear from as many potential users and stakeholders as possible during the taxonomy design process. Capturing quantitative and qualitative feedback from end users is critical to gain consensus and make adjustments to the taxonomy during development. Learn about taxonomy and usability validation techniques that have effectively corroborated the usefulness and intuitiveness of a taxonomy design, the strengths and weaknesses of each technique, a set of tools that supports the process, and real cases studies from private and public sectors.

Presented by: Tatiana Baquero-Cakici, Ben White

Five Reasons Why Taxonomy Adoption Is Not Guaranteed

Track 1: Taxonomy Foundations – Monday 6 November 
13:30 – 14:00

You have done the research, painstakingly developed a foundational taxonomy, presented it to the team and are convinced your content categorization woes are over and the world is a better place already. Three months in though, enthusiasm has waned and adoption is low among the team. Why is this so, and what can you do about it? Roux guides you through some common issues with taxonomy adoption and provides practical ways to overcome them.

Presented by: Lindy Roux

Taxo Fail: Learning From Terribly Scoped Taxonomy Projects

Track 1: Taxonomy Foundations – Monday 6 November 
14:00 – 14:30

The requirements that get published in RFPs reveal how an organization sees its needs and its knowledge of how to conduct a taxonomy project with the best chance of success. However, badly scoped projects can reveal ignorance, common misconceptions, and the failure to manage stakeholders well. Lambe takes an entertaining look at some terrible examples of published requirements and the underlying errors and misconceptions about taxonomy projects that they reveal. Anybody involved in taxonomy projects can learn about how to scope a project for success from these examples.

Presented by: Patrick Lambe

What Non-Taxonomy Geeks Need to Know

Track 1: Taxonomy Foundations – Monday 6 November 
14:30 – 15:00

Many of those who are involved in content projects have little understanding of the power of taxonomy. You often need to educate business leaders, other UX practitioners, designers, developers, QA, and project managers about how and why taxonomy is useful. They don’t need to create a taxonomy, but they need to be empowered to use taxonomy in their work. What are synonyms good for? How does taxonomy help with the display of content? How can you build a search results page with filters? This talk covers an approach to teaching colleagues about taxonomy and why it should be important to them. Learn how to make taxonomy relevant for a non-taxonomy geek.

Presented by: Theresa Putkey

Taxonomy Governance

Track 1: Taxonomy Foundations – Monday 6 November 
15:15 – 16:15

Taxonomy Governance: Practical Advice for Value & Growth

Too often, taxonomies are built and launched with little to no thought given to long-term maintenance and growth. After the thrill of the initial taxonomy design and implementation has faded, companies need guidance on how to set up governance committees and work with stakeholders to best control taxonomy growth. This session provides a step-by-step plan to help taxonomists ensure taxonomies continue to provide value for an enterprise year after year.

Presented by: Mike Doane

Implementing Taxonomy Governance at IMF

Dwyer presents a case study of an approach that led to the successful implementation of a taxonomy governance model that was mostly shelf-ware for several years. The governance model was operationalized by IT with heavy business engagement, and roles and responsibilities spread throughout the organization.

Presented by: Sonia Dwyer

Applications of Taxonomy Design Best Practices

Track 1: Taxonomy Foundations – Monday 6 November 
16:15 – 17:00

Best practices in taxonomy design make taxonomies more effective and usable. Hear from a panel of experienced taxonomists about the taxonomies in their organizations and design issues they face, including Indeed’s team process of building a jobseeker-focused multilingual occupational taxonomy (soon to be ontology). Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s SharePoint site for employees across all company departments and for product lines focusing on biotech therapeutics, diagnostics, technologies, and informatics.

Presented by: Heather Hedden, Emily Bulger, Mary Chitty, Dan Segal