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Wahl, Zachary

Zachary R Wahl
Enterprise Knowledge


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Zach Wahl is the founder and President of Enterprise Knowledge, LLC.  Enterprise Knowledge is focused on the delivery of innovative knowledge management solutions with a focus on taxonomy, governance, and strategic road mapping. He is an expert and frequent speaker on the topics of Taxonomy Design, Knowledge Management, and Information Governance. He focuses on the design and deployment of information managment technologies and systems including portals, collaboration tools, wikis, and other social computing products. In addition, Mr. Wahl has designed his own series of workshops on the topics of Information Management System Best Practices, Taxonomy Design, and eGovernance. Mr. Wahl has managed the deployment of over 70 information management systems in both the public and private sectors. 

Zhang, Pengchu

Pengchu Zhang
Computer Researcher
Sandia National Laboratories
Pengchu Zhang is a computer researcher at Sandia National Laboratories. He has conducted research in computer modeling/simulation, data analytics and NLP for more than ten years. His recent interests including unstructured data analysis and deep learning.