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WELCOME & KEYNOTE: Hacking KM or How to Innovate!

Morning Keynotes – Tuesday 15 November 
08:45 – 09:45

Phillips introduces the concept of maneuver strategy that combines speed, agility, and innovation which he believes should be the pinnacle of corporate strategy today. The three maneuver strategies—preemption, dislocation, and disruption—can be used at any level of planning and can definitely help you hack KM! Get insights and ideas from many real-world examples and be prepared to hack or innovate your organization!

Presented by: Jeffrey Phillips

KEYNOTE: Thinking & Searching Outside of the Box

Morning Keynotes – Tuesday 15 November 
09:45 – 10:00

Our industry helps people retrieve information by searching, browsing, and visualizing the data stored within their content management systems. This endeavor is inherently introspective in so far as it focuses on the close analysis of an enterprise’s internal content. This talk is an exercise in thinking outside of that box. Clarke explores ways in which an enterprise’s internal content can be mined for information, even when the answers don’t always exist within the data we are querying. He discusses the use of natural language processing and semantic query expansion techniques, demonstrating the power of ontologies and machine reasoning to interrogate internal content in new and powerful ways.

Presented by: Dave Clarke, Maish Nichani

B101: Workspace of the Future

TRACK B • Digital Workspace of the Future – Tuesday 15 November 
10:45 – 11:30

The workspace of the future is here—and more changes are coming. It is an agile environment which continually evolves to suit the next generation— while also balancing older generation’s needs and wants. As organizations shift to a workforce whose majority are Digital Natives, organizations, at a bare minimum, need to be aware of the necessary characteristics required to foster a driven and collaborative workforce. Although some characteristics are here now—mobility, personalization of content, work/life balance—more significant changes (cognitive computing, electronic security, and role-based content delivery) are coming. Using data from APQC’s most current research, KM expert Hubert cuts through the hype and haziness of what behaviors are going to be needed in this emerging workspace to look at the importance of KM’s role in influencing them. Learn about the shift in expectations and discover the right path forward for your organization.

Presented by: Cindy Hubert

B102: Design Thinking for the Digital Workspace

TRACK B • Digital Workspace of the Future – Tuesday 15 November 
11:45 – 12:30

“Design” is a powerful word in modern business, and a key element of a successful digital workplace. Design ensures that the right solutions are delivered, and that they work in a simple and delightful way. “Design thinking” provides a toolbox of techniques for understanding needs, designing systems, and prototyping. This session explores these techniques and shows how they can be applied to the future of work.

Presented by: Rebecca Rodgers

B104: Intranet Showcase

TRACK B • Digital Workspace of the Future – Tuesday 15 November 
14:45 – 15:30

Each year, the global Intranet Innovation Awards uncovers remarkable solutions, sharing them with the wider community. In conjunction with an awards ceremony held at the conference, this session shares highlights from winners around the world. Packed with screenshots, you’re sure to see ideas and approaches that can be applied in your organization, accelerating the pace of innovation.

Presented by: Rebecca Rodgers