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Keynote – KM Buy-In: Proven Practices

Thursday Keynotes – Thursday 9 November 
08:45 – 09:45

For a KM initiative to be successful, knowledge managers must secure the support of senior leaders before implementation. Early top management buy-in results in funding, resources, advocacy, usage, broad organizational support, and success—the program yields its expected benefits, KM is spoken of and written about positively by leaders, stakeholders, and users. Hear from our longtime KM practitioner about proven practices illustrated by real-world examples for securing resources, active participation, and ongoing advocacy from top leadership. Get lots of tips for leading an effective, sustainable KM program that is seen as essential to the success of companies in different industries, of different sizes, and with different cultures.

Presented by: Stan Garfield

Keynote – Beyond the Box: How Search Is Driving Data Access in a Hybrid World

Thursday Keynotes – Thursday 9 November 
09:45 – 10:00

For more than a decade, search technology has been used as the primary access point to the mountains of knowledge and data sitting behind an organization’s firewall. As environments evolve to account for private and public clouds, search is evolving beyond just the box to an API for human information. Will Hayes explores that evolution and talks about how search technologies and professionals play a key role in the enterprise cloud migration strategy.

Presented by: Will Hayes

PANEL: Mobile & Personalized Search: Tailoring the User Experience

Thursday Afternoon Sessions – Thursday 9 November 
13:00 – 13:45

Who doesn’t search from a mobile device these days? The ubiquity of mobile poses interesting dilemmas for those implementing enterprise search and discovery. Fried has pulled together panelists who discuss what works and what doesn’t along with outlining best practices and future trends.

Presented by: Jeff Fried, Nate Treloar, Michael Cizmar, Erik Schwartz

Making Secured Content Discoverable in SharePoint

Thursday Afternoon Sessions – Thursday 9 November 
14:00 – 14:45

How do you let your users discover content they can’t see? How would someone know to ask for permission to access something they don’t know exists? Out of the box, SharePoint will only show search results for content they’re authorized to view. By leveraging standard security and search features of the SharePoint platform, combined with Cryptzone’s Security Sheriff enhancements and some custom code, technical research librarians were able to overcome this limitation.

Presented by: Jonathan Ralton, Brenton West

More Content, More Problems: Content Strategy to the Rescue

Thursday Afternoon Sessions – Thursday 9 November 
15:00 – 15:45

While Ubisoft in no way suffers from a lack of content, connecting users to the “right” document proved challenging. While waiting for a search engine overhaul, Ubisoft engaged its enterprise content management team. Smith helped develop a strategy to harmonize content, metadata, and customized search scopes to maximize relevance and minimize noise. Smith shares potential pitfalls, lessons learned, and Ubisoft’s return on investment.

Presented by: Adrienne Smith

Keynote – Creating Unified Views of Data With Semantic Graphs

Closing Keynotes – Thursday 9 November 
16:00 – 16:15

In recent years, document-centric search over information has been extended with the use of graphbased content and data models. The implementation of semantic knowledge graphs in enterprises is not only improving search in a traditional sense, but opens up a path of integrating all types of data sources in a most agile way. Linked data technologies have matured in recent years and can now be used as the basis for numerous critical tasks in enterprise information management. Hilger discusses how standards-based graph databases can be used for information integration, document classification, data analytics, and information visualization tasks. He shares how a semantic knowledge graph can be used to develop analytics applications on top of enterprise data lakes and illustrates how a large pharmaceutical company makes use of graph-based technologies to gain new insights into its research work from unified views and semantic search over heterogeneous data sources.

Presented by: Joe Hilger

Closing Keynote – KM in the Age of Digital Transformation: Magic Sauce for a Successful Future

Closing Keynotes – Thursday 9 November 
16:15 – 17:00

At the cross-section of innovation, open data, and education, our speaker, a former government KM practitioner, shares her thoughts about the challenges and opportunities for organizations and communities in the coming years. She discusses empowering members of our communities and improving services using new tech like AI, machine learning, virtual and augmented reality, Internet of Things, predictive analytics, gamification, and more. How will people interact and share knowledge over the next decade? Are we moving toward anticipatory knowledge delivery (just enough, just in time, just for me), being in the flow of work at the teachable moment, establishing trust in a virtual environment, and learning from peer-to-peer marketplaces like Airbnb and Uber? Our longtime KM practitioner shares her insights about the evolving digital transformation of every part of our world and hints at the magic sauce we need for a successful future!

Presented by: Jeanne Holm