W2: Maximizing Effectiveness, Efficiency & Innovation of Knowledge-Intensive Activities

Morning Preconference Workshops – Monday 6 November 
09:00 – 12:00

Led by experienced KM practitioners, this workshop focuses on KM fundamentals, principles and concepts, specifically how to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of planning, problem solving, decision making, collaboration, continuity, innovation, and learning in any organization. They discuss using knowledge repositories/forums on SharePoint to maximize learning, innovation, and to support the decision-making cycle, mission, and vision; using online meetings and chat to enhance KM activities; KM tools to use as enablers such as SharePoint, online meetings, chat, OneNote, lessons learned/AARs, etc.; transforming knowledge-intensive activities into a knowledge process with related goals and objectives to support decision making; new knowledge creation (innovation), learning, and elearning tips; strategic knowledge gap analysis and knowledge audits; KM failures; applying KM as part of your daily business processes; and more. Gain insights, techniques, and best practices for making your daily business process more innovative, effective, and efficient using KM.

Presented by: Peter Barcelo Jr., Shellie Glass