W10: Building & Curating Bodies of Knowledge

Morning Preconference Workshops – Monday 6 November 
09:00 – 12:00

Knowledge doesn’t manage itself. No matter how far AI evolves, knowledge, whether human or digital, will always need human curation. Knowledge curation is one of the least understood aspects of KM. Yet given the accelerated growth of both explicit and hidden knowledge, especially in large datasets, knowledge curation is more critical than ever. You’ve seen no shortage of tools and techniques for building knowledge bases and repositories. Yet the question remains, “How do I design, build, and maintain a body of knowledge that’s easily accessible by myself and others?” This workshop helps to do just that. Gain an understanding of the four main pillars of knowledge curation: 1) the source of the knowledge (you and other subject matter experts); 2) the knowledge itself; 3) the people receiving the knowledge; and 4) the platform and process for putting it all together. Some key elements include how to: determine what knowledge is worth capturing and in what form; reconcile different world views, mental models, and learning modalities, especially among mentors and mentees; determine which tools and approaches are appropriate for different types of knowledge; integrate the various tools and approaches into a single system; vet knowledge and keep it up-to-date; and make knowledge flow and grow, from a single individual to an entire community of experts and practitioners. Join our experienced KM expert and take home an initial plan for setting up and implementing a knowledge curation program for your organization.

Presented by: Art Murray