W14: Taking Knowledge Transfer to the Next Level

Afternoon Preconference Workshops – Monday 6 November 
13:30 – 16:30

We are well into the long-anticipated wave of retirements and accompanying efforts to transfer critical knowledge before it goes out the door. A fair amount of knowledge, in the form of lessons learned stories, checklists, rules, and formulas, has already been transferred. While useful, these approaches work primarily at the surface level, addressing what to do only in specific situations. Such methods have proven to be ineffective in complex, rapidly changing environments. This workshop draws upon a growing body of research in cognitive neuroscience, backed by more than a decade of field experience in transferring knowledge at a deep structure level. It focuses on identifying and operating on the underlying thought and decision processes that went into building the knowledge in the first place. Experience the six steps of deep learning: thinking, observing, enumerating, expressing, assessing, and adjusting. Increase your powers of observation by viewing situations from multiple perspectives. Connect the dots and see the big picture. Break detrimental learning habits that are holding you and your team back. Build and grow your personal body of knowledge and improve your ability to communicate what you’ve learned so others may benefit. In addition to the worksheets and handouts, receive a complimentary copy of the book: Deep Learning Manual: The Knowledge Explorer’s Guide to Self-Discovery in Education, Work, and Life.

Presented by: Art Murray