W8: Successful Social for the Enterprise

Morning Preconference Workshops – Monday 14 November 
09:00 – 12:00

Modern intranets are steadily becoming more “social” and “collaborative,” but this can mean many things. Some recent intranets put social at the heart of everything (including the homepage), while others supplement existing sites with simpler features, such as commenting. While this is still a rapidly evolving space, intranet teams in the real world need to make concrete decisions with confidence. This interactive workshop covers four key steps for social intranets: exploring the opportunities; looking at social intranet examples around the globe; exploring the reasons, benefits, and business cases for social; and understanding your organizational landscape. Every organization is different, and this has a big impact on the what, where, when, and how of social intranets. Choose what to launch. Where to start, what to launch and for whom: There are multiple options to choose from, depending on your strategy and organizational context. There is a growing list of best practices to draw on to make social a success relating to design, launch, adoption, and governance. This inspirational and practical workshop mixes plenty of screenshots and examples with discussions and activities. Get a greater sense of confidence and knowledge about social intranets and see lots of options for your organization.

Presented by: Rebecca Rodgers