OPENING KEYNOTE: Have We Reached Peak SharePoint?

TRACK 1 • SharePoint Futures – Wednesday 16 November 
10:45 – 11:30

With the advent of a somewhat lackluster release in SharePoint 2016 and Redmond’s rapid shift in attention toward Office 365, it’s time to ask: Have we reached the era of “Peak SharePoint”? If not, where is the platform headed, and what does it mean for the investment you’ve already made in your SharePoint estates? On the other hand, if we have indeed reached Peak SharePoint and the platform plays an increasingly smaller role in Microsoft’s approach to the digital enterprise, then how should you, the customer, respond? Join Byrne for a strategic tour of how SharePoint’s footprint in the digital workplace is evolving, including some advice on what you should be thinking about when planning for 2017.

Presented by: Tony Byrne