Taxonomy Boot Camp 2017 Speaker List

Tatiana Baquero-Cakici Jennifer Batt David Bender Andreas Blumauer Jay Bowling Emily Bulger Craig Carilla Gary Carlson Mary Chitty Eric Chuk Dave Clarke Amy DeCicco Mike Doane Sonia Dwyer Keren Fleshler Eric Freese Monica Y Fulvio Austin Govella Elizabeth Greenberg Mike Hastings Heather Hedden Travis Hicks Marjorie M.K. Hlava Sarah Knight Patrick Lambe Stephanie Lemieux Yonah … Continue reading Taxonomy Boot Camp 2017 Speaker List

Powerhouse Showcase

Track 2: Taxonomy Applications Track – Tuesday 7 November 10:45 – 12:30 National Public Radio‚Äôs Archival Taxonomy (R)evolution Recently, NPR’s Research Archives & Data Strategy (RAD) team has moved away from their largely manual metadata creation process and incorporated auto-categorization in their digital archiving workflow. In particular over the past year, the RAD team has worked … Continue reading Powerhouse Showcase

Knight, Sarah

Sarah KnightTaxonomistNational Public Radio (NPR) Twitter Sarah Knight joined NPR in 2012, working as a researcher and cataloger with the Research, Archives & Data Strategy (RAD) team. She serves as taxonomist and product owner of the team’s expanding controlled vocabularies and taxonomy software. As part of the RAD team, she responds to research questions from … Continue reading Knight, Sarah